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The story behind my new mares ❤️👆🏻

I haven’t posted much about my two new mares over the past few months. Their story of course starts out in the kill pen, as all of our horses have. When I saw the picture of the paint and her herd, and the possibility that she could be in foal, it didn’t take much thought. And no discussion. Sorry about that James Slater and thanks to my BFF Susan Shouse Bryant for helping me eventually break the news.
Suri Sue left the kill pen urgently, and went to a boarding facility in PA that was not a good situation. Thanks to the eyes of Melissa Faulkner Neville, we were alerted to her status, as well as that of her sister, and they were both picked up by Sharon Burrier immediately. And the uphill battle began.
They both tested positive for pregnancy, but further testing revealed that they had lost their foals.
Things went from bad to worse for Suri early on. I remember one day in August, talking to Sharon in between seeing patients, and her telling me that they were going to take one more shot at getting Suri up on her feet, and if it didn’t work, we were going to humanely euthanize her because she was so emaciated and weak. The vet waited patiently. My heart sank into my stomach.
God was on Suri’s side. And the rescue told her they were going to fight for her since she wasn’t able to fight for herself. Due to Danny Burrier Macgyver genius, Suri was up. That was one step. And the road ahead was long.
Many people helped, Cat Clouse even stayed all night in the barn and watched Suri. And day by day, Suri Sue got stronger. Her weight went up. She graduated to the pasture. Her weight continued upward and we started making plans for her to come to TN. But what about her sister? She and Fannie were inseparable, and every picture we came across from their bucking herd, they were together. What would happen if we separated them? I couldn’t think about it. There was never any question in my mind, Fannie was coming to TN. And Sharon was thinking the exact same thing. Also sorry ‘bout forgetting to mention that James Slater 🤷🏼‍♀️.
We dealt with the sadness of losing both foals due to the severe conditions the girls were in.
Sharon Danny and Barb all planned to make the trip from MD on January 13th. We prayed for good weather and prayed the girls would do ok.
On the 11th, Sharon developed some suspicion about Fannie. The vet checked her the 12th. Text from Sharon. “Guess what”. She is in foal, he could feel that baby moving, and it survived that horrible ordeal. So now we have not one, not two, but three miracles.
And they will all live happily ever after together. No more babies for Suri. No more babies for Fannie. Eat, sleep, eat some more. And, just. Be. Horses. That’s all.
Love them already, and beyond thankful for the support from everyone who donated money to help Fannie, everyone who gave time and love to save these abandoned souls, all the many people here in TN and afar who were praying constantly for them, most of all Sharon and Danny.
We aren’t sure when baby is due. Right now daddy is looking for a home (I believe), and he is gorgeous! Another mare from the herd foaled last month and has a darling little filly. We aren’t out of the woods, not sure how that little one survived, but so happy it did.

That’s the story of Suri and Fannie, chapter 1-5, more to come. They are so special, as are everyone involved in this amazing rescue, God’s love to all!


George came into our care with Momma July of 2014  Due to some health issues George lives at the rescue.  George has Stringhalt and EPM.  Both of these conditions make George UN-adoptable and he is not safe to ride.  George also came in with major burns across a good portion of his back and rump.  This gelding was only 4 years of age when he came into the rescue.  George was terrified of people, he would physically stand and shake when we had to treat his injuries.  Ironically its as if he knew we were trying to help him as we climbed up on a 3 step mounting block to put creams on his burns.  Now there has been questions as to what caused these burns.  We assume his harness had been left on all spring and the chemicals burned into his skin. 

George is a favorite at the Great Frederick Fair.  George weighs 2200 pounds now and is enjoying his life at the rescue. 


George's burns before and after 


 Stacey Cain her husband Lee and their children. Niko was adopted all most 2 years ago. Niko came from a very neglectful situation. If anyone remembers the Wilcomico County seizure case, that is where Niko received his golden card.
Ironically when Stacey had contacted us about Niko, we quickly realized we had not only graduated high school together but also shown horses as kids at the same areas. Stacey and I quickly bonded with our love for our horses and family and have spent many weekends trail riding.
Niko found his perfect home with The Cain’s. He is loved and cherished by each family member and will never want for anything.


This incredible Percheron mare was dumped at an auction in Ohio only to make the long trip up to PA in the back of a trailer, owned by a dealer.  We saw Abbie on Facebook and everyone commenting and complaining about how skinny she was.  So we started a fundraiser and within the hour we were able to purchase her.

Abbie's teeth were in horrible shape and Sean McCarthy came and did her teeth the day she arrived at the rescue.  Between her teeth and some good hay grain and grass Abbie transformed into who she is today.  

Abbie was adopted by one of our board members Amanda.  They are spending the rest of their lives together trail riding and loving and caring for each other. 


We were contacted by a friend about this gelding in a bad situation in a quarantine facility.  So Danny and I drove over to look at him.  Poor horse.  He was full of lice, worms and skinny.  The only reason he had a belly was due to the worm load.  So in true Burrier fashion, loaded on the trailer and headed to our rescue.  After 2 months and many lice and worm treatments, he fully recovered. 

This is one of the nicest geldings you will ever meet.  Honest hard working and all the way in from Texas.  Oreo was what we call a bail and dump horse which unfortunately we see a lot of in the rescue world.  He stood at that quarantine facility for months with many others, just to be neglected and let down again.  

The easiest part of rescue, purchasing the horse. 


Rescued from a bad quarantine situation where she almost died. She’s been living in Tennessee with her sister Fannnie for almost 4 years. Thank you Misty Slater for taking such amazing care of her and Fannie and of course the baby that did survive this horrible story and is thriving.


Congratulations to Mia and her new family today. Can’t wait to share posts of how she’s doing. She has her own set of kids to love on her now and enjoy learning to ride. 

Sydney Wellen Taylor
We are so grateful for Rocky’s Horse Rescue and the work they have done with Mia and all the other horses they are saving and finding forever homes for. We are blessed to have Mia after the passing of our horse Lexie. She will be a great addition to our family!


Momma was rescued in July of 2014 as a 20 year old Belgian mare. She was very thin as you can see, with a body score of 1.5. Her teeth were is such bad shape that she couldn't eat any grain without it all falling out of her mouth.  No wonder she was so thin! We didn't know it right away, but she was pregnant when we rescued her. She was due this past spring, but sadly her malnutrition and age caused her to lose the foal about a month before she was due to deliver.

Today this beautiful girl resides in Urbana, Maryland, being adopted in August of 2015. She was adopted by a couple who adopted another one of our horses, Bleu, so she is happy with a familiar face. 


Gracie came to us as a 2 year old filly in June of 2013. This Tobiano Paint Draft Cross arrived very emaciated and had double pneumonia (pneumonia in both lungs). She was so sick Sharon (CEO of the rescue) had to keep Gracie in her back yard to keep an eye on her, cover her with blankets, and stay with her to make sure she'd survive the night. Things were rough at first with Gracie but she pulled through. 

Now she is thriving under the ownership of Sharon. Sharon has since trained this pretty girl to be ridden, and has taken her out on trail rides, even out by the crashing waves of the sea shore. Sharon says a great bond was created between her and Gracie during those sleepless nights of worry but today these two are inseparable. Gracie has found her forever home.

Canyan adopted by Christie Craven. 

 Canyan came to the rescue pregnant from the kill pen and within a few months had a healthy baby boy we named Smokey.
Canyan is losing her eye sight in the one eye. But Christie is in constant contact with the specialized eye vet for horses. She will always have a home with Christie for the rest of her life. 4 plus years and counting.


Hope came to us in November of 2014. This 10 year old, Strawberry Roan Tennessee Walker mare was rescued from a kill buyers lot. She was heading north to become horse meat, but we stepped in and Danny (President)  fell in love. This girl is so sweet and laid back we couldn't understand why she was thrown away. 

About a month after she came to the rescue, we thought she might be pregnant. On May 1st, 2015 she gave birth to a healthy filly named Hope's Harmony (Harmony for short). So not only did we rescue Hope, but we rescued Harmony as well! Mother and baby are thriving at the rescue. 


Today we delivered Trigger to a The Phoenix Farm and Sanctuary where Trigger will live out the rest of his life with no riding. Over the years and many tests, seems Trigger has a pinched nerve in his back. He’s amazing on the ground and will receive lots of love and attention there.
Not that he wasn’t a favorite at the rescue and will be greatly missed, but because he will be around more children daily which he enjoys. So Beck agreed to take Trigger in as a pasture pet and will soon become a favorite there as well.
Edited to remind the world, when rescues work together, it’s always a win win for the horses.


"1 year ago this month I adopted my trail horse Dutchess from Sharon. It has been an extremely rewarding experience to adopt a rescued horse and bring her back to a well adjusted much loved horse. I am pleased to report Dutchess is doing very well and loves her new life with us and her equine family at Sugar Hill. Thank you sooo much Sharon for finding and saving my beautiful mare!!"
-Becky Henderson, Sept. 19, 2014

Congratulations to Amir and his family. Mattie is a wonderful mare to teach Amir’s children how to ride and care for a horse. Can’t wait to follow her story with her new forever family.

Buttercup found her forever home today. So excited to watch her and her family bond and have a great time.


"Mo has been here 6 days and it feels like he's always just been here.  He's met all but 3 of the herd and is getting along with everyone.  He's actually becoming the bossman!  All the mares are in love with him.  I rode him this morning for the first time since he's been here, and he was infinitely patient and did great!  I love this horse!  Even though I have another week left on the trial, I'm officially committing now to adopting him."

-Ame Smith-Bean, May 2015


"Dear Sharon,

On March 7, 2015, the 18 month buy-back contract on Teddy/Brody expires.  I am sending back the halter you sent with Brody but I'm not sending you the pony!  The last 18 months have been my happiest ever!  Thank you so much for making horse ownership possible for me!  With gratitude & love, Laura"  March 3, 2015


China came to us thin and pregnant, but no one believed Sharon that she was pregnant. Rosie was born Father's Day 2014.  China was a broodmare without much handling.  She is now being ridden.  They were adopted together into a very loving home.  

Our young horse Annie has been adopted by the Devilbliss family very local to us. So excited for her with such a hard first 4 years of her life. We promise she will never go hungry again.


Misty had a long journey to her loving home with Ray and Melanie Perejoy


Sunshine was rescued from a weekly auction where horses are bought and shipped to slaughter.  Abbie came along and adopted Sunshine and it has been a match made in Heaven.  They are enjoying life together and are collecting some ribbons along the way!!! 


Duncan has gone to his new home. They love him.

Buttercup has found her happily every after with Alice Edwards.


This poor mare was sold at auction sick and skinny because someone owed back board on her. She’s a family horse and is very loved and cared for with Brittany Crawford.
Friday was bought at auction October of 2018. Brittany fell in love right away. Friday needed weight and antibiotics. Along with dental and hoof care. Today she happily resides with her forever family and quill never see the inside of an auction barn again. Nor will she be malnourished or neglected. Happy trails!!

Happy Day !  Karen Snowden has adopted Lacie. Let their journey begin.

Karen has also adopted Reds !!! 

 Smokey aka Turner and Valerie Trzcinski. Smokey was adopted as a young colt. His mother came to us pregnant from the kill pen in 2016. She’s a well bred TWH and was one very protective momma.
Valerie has waited 4 years to send Turner to training. Now she is riding him and he’s being a wonderful student. Many happy trails!!!

May 2020 Dixie is adopted !  Kristin has an amazing new partner.

Nita is getting a forever family for the New Year. The Kearney’s are going to love spoil and grow with Nita over the years. Looking forward to many updates.

Woody and Bella (white)adopted and loved by Brenda Newman and her granddaughter


Adopted by  Matt and Beth Hagy  
 Isabella had a really rough start in life. Was adopted then starved within 3 months. A lot of love patience and time has gone into this filly. She is one of our vets favorites.
Matt and Beth were the only ones I would let adopt Isabella after what happened. Looking at her today, wow she grew. Thought for sure she wouldn’t due to what happened, but she did and she’s the size that her momma was, standing a proud 14.2 hands.

Sweet Pea has been adopted by board member Stephanie Eiiker !

Debbie and Alvin (Big Al) reside in New Jersey. Alvin was with the rescue over 6 months to allow his neglected hooves to be restored. His is a calm and collected TWH. 

Penelope went to her new home with Tracy. Can’t wait to see Penelope being ridden and living an amazing life.

Little Miss River Zan (Missy)

 Adopted by Kim Carney Haers

Ivy and Deano have been adopted by the Bushue family. So excited to see these 2 amazing horses get a home together. Deano (chestnut) is 23 and is amazing with kids. Ivy black) at 16 is getting a fresh start in her new life.

Our Josie has been adopted by Anita Kennedy !


 Adopted by Heather Moore


Adopted by Norma Wissman


4 years ago Jaci adopted Peanut and it was love at first sight for her son Christian and Peanut.
Peanut is no longer rideable but as Jaci states she’s the most beautiful pasture ornament ever. Jaci Verghese is taking superb care of Peanuts older needs and the mare is living the life of a princess with her Prince Charming.


Adopted by Matt Hagy


Long but happy story with a fairytale ending.
Today we have happy tears of joy and happiness of how far gone a horse can be, and where the horse can end up if you give them the right tools love and respect.
There were many hands in Dakota’s journey. For the first year and a half he stayed here with us. Spent countless hours on the ground with him, along with my mare Gracie, and her assistance to helping Dakota when he was scared of new obstacles. Gracie would be brought in to show him it was okay and he was safe. Dakota lived in her field for a while.
From farrier to fly spray, Dakota was terrified of everything. So this horse took a lot of time and patience. Knowing when to push and when to back off. The only thing we didn’t do here at the rescue was ride him. This is where his next step in the journey started.
We sent Dakota to Ashley Lauer for saddle training and to be apart of the Rescued to Stardom challenge. Ashley did an amazing job getting him under saddle and riding. He could still throw a good buck here and there but he loved Ashley. He did okay at the challenge even getting kicked bad right before the start of the riding part. He was lame and sore for a while after the challenge. But Ashley hung in there with him and didn’t give up.
Ashley continued on with Dakota despite me telling her I really thought she was his person. After many failed showings and dumped more people, myself included. Then this is where his next journey started.
Ashley and I had a recent conversation about just bringing Dakota back and never riding him again. But back in the winter, Ashley had a couple that came to look at another horse and Dakota. Dakota was too much for Christine but Erik Cassady loved Dakota from the first meeting. His wife Christine did adopt and horse from a friends rescue.
Recently I received an email, Erik couldn’t stop thinking about Dakota. He filled out an application and went to see Dakota. That connection was still there. Dakota went home. His intake date was March 17, 2018, and his adoption date is May 21, 2021.
In the end, don’t give up if the horse is trying. You will have more down then ups with a horse like Dakota. The lessons he taught all of us will live on forever.
Happy trails Erik and Dakota. Can’t wait to meet up on the trails.


Adopted by Christine Clem


 Adopted by Ti Gambino

Titan has been adopted by Joseph Abbott at Belleview Farm and Stables. Titan was a Christmas Wish come true. We can't wait to see how he matures. We want to thank Missy and Andy of Friends Horse Transportation for hauling Titan to his new home.

Mary Rose Smyth has adopted Bandit
Burt has been adopted by Julie Talbot
Beaus journey with us is finished. He came in hungry, neglected and beaten down wondering if he would ever be loved at the young age of 4. He finally got on the right trailer.
He spent 45 days in training with Aaryanne Cloutier of Ace Horesemanship. He loved the kids that came in for lessons and it was quickly figured out during training that he would be a child’s best friend.
Today he met his best friend and they are the same age. We can’t wait to sit back and watch them grow up together.
Congratulations to the Williamson family on your adoption of your daughters best friend.

This is a story of a little girl and an adopted horse from us. The mares name is Ember. The story is written by Izzy’s grandmother who  is the owner of Ember.
Izzy had just turned 3 when she had a nosebleed that wouldn’t stop. She had been sick for several months but dr’s chalked it up to allergies and the fact she had started daycare the past September. Jan 19 she was brought to a local hospital when after four g blood work rushed her straight to Hasbro Children’s hospital in Providence.
After a couple days of testing, one test was bone marrow removed from her hip, it was determined she has acute lymphoblastic leukemia. She was admitted and for a month and started a 2 year treatment that included inpatient stay for first month, aggressive chemo and many lumbar puncture procedures which removed and tested spinal fluid.
She went into remission after her in patient stay, which meant there were no more cancer cells. She was able to go home but she needed to continue to receive weekly chemo at the clinic.
Izzy always had a connection and special love for animals and spent many hours in barns and around horses literally since the day she was born. Izzy was 6 months on treatment when I adopted Ember from Rocky’s Horse Rescue and Rehabilitation.
From the beginning there was a clear connection between them. Ember clearly understood Izzy was not well, and even on her steroid days when she was impossible, Ember seemed to make her feel better.
Ember was unsure at first, it took some time for me to earn her trust, but she always dropped her head for Izzy. I have never had to worry about Izzy going into her stall or paddock with Em, she was always very careful around Izzy who is convinced Ember is a Unicorn and at night grows a horn from her white dot in her forehead.
Izzy is now 8 and has begun riding Ember. She is soft handed and a natural on her. Ember responds to Izzys soft words and it’s beautiful to watch. We walk up the road and Izzy has total control of the reins.
I thought I was adopting a horse for me, but clearly she was meant for Izzy and I’m convinced her recovery would not have been as quick and successful if it had not been for the love therapy she gets from Ember, who by the way smells like Roses


Adopted by Leslie Bottaro

Pictured is Leslie's granddaughter.

 " Sharon I can’t believe he was head shy… because now my gentle giant is an in your pocket horse. He gives the best horse hugs and gently puts his head in my hands. He will stand for hours to be loved and groomed. He is so gentle with my 85 year old parents and my 7 year old granddaughter."


We are excited to announce that Star has found her forever home with Jeanie Law-Orfanos. It was love on first trail ride. 


 We lost Betsy Nikki's momma due to a freak accident where she fell and broke her leg. Nikki had already been weaned, adopted by Michelle Baker and ridden by her trainer.
Today I had the privilege of watching Nikki growing and learning. Come to find out Nikki loves to jump and will be a dressage horse in the future. She’s a beautiful mover with a lot of talent.


Joy has been adopted by the Shipskys


Dave started riding Dash at the young age of 69 and 6 years later still going strong. What a team they are.

Today we said see yah soon to Solomon. His new owner Leslie Kearns is excited. Hard to say goodbye but he now has his own person and will get all the attention he could ever want.

Today’s happy adoption story is Cricket and her family with Marti Cramer. Cricket came from a bad situation along with 3 others from a rescue in PA. She had EPM which we treated and she hasn’t had any issues since.
Cricket loves her family and is enjoying her life with her momma and grandkids. Nothing better then a forever home. Many more happy years together Cricket and family. Just at 2.5 years since adoption seems like you have always been home.
 Kali and Destyni Johnson.

 Kali came to us via a rescue friend. The owner was going to send her back to the auction from the trainers because she wasn’t the “right” horse.
So Kali came to us one evening in rough shape. Sometimes it’s very hard to keep my mouth shut, this was one of those times. Kali quickly gained weight.
Put Kali through training and Destyni fell in love with her. I do believe Kali fell in love also. Here it is almost 2 years later and Kali is in her forever home with her person. Best part is Destyni also has fostered several horses for us.


Jazzie is now 21 and has been with Abigail for 3 years. Abigail was 12 when she adopted Jazzie. This mare can run like the wind, go into a pleasure class after that then hit the trails like a boss.

Thor has been adopted !

Congratulations Karen and Will Lyons.  Keep us updated .

Rose has been chosen by Peggy Magnanelli. Can’t wait to hit the trails with Peggy and Rose.
Happy trails ladies.

Ajax Adopted !

Long road to get Ajax to the horse that he is. But as I’ve said many many times. That is exactly what we are here for. Each horse has its own set of issues, just like people. There is no such thing as a perfect horse or person. We just learn to work with who and what we are.
Ajax he took a little more time to get there but his trainer, Aaryanne Cloutier with ACE Horsemanship, did an amazing job getting him to who we knew he was.
Congratulations to his owner, Kim Williams and Ajax, welcome to the Rocky's family.

Our Malcom was adopted today by the Saint-Paul family. Malcom will be living his life in luxury at the Woodvales stables. Wishing this young family many many happy years together.

Willow and Karen have been together since September of 2015. Willow has an amazing home and as many of our adopters, she’s a repeat adopter. I will save that story for another day.
Willow and Karen Martin are perfect for each other and I know she’s in the best hands ever.

Breeze found his perfect match with Abigail Cloutier

Dandy has been adopted by Brittany Crawford and Jeremiah Main for their son Lincoln. Brittany and Jeremiah adopted from us years ago. They adopted a Clydesdale mare we named Friday.
Love seeing their son starting riding. Can’t wait to join them on some trails this summer.

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