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Sanctuary at the Rescue

Some of the equines we rescue can't be homed and these equines become part of our Sanctuary.  They enjoy the tender loving care that was often neglected in their previous lives.  Here are their stories...


He is a 25 year old Tennessee Walking Horse.  He was the start of the rescue. Rocky would rear and spin whenever someone would try to ride him.  It was through Rocky that we came to realize the importance of dental care.  Now that Rocky's teeth have been tended to many times, Sharon has ridden him multiple times with few issues.  

Rocky is an excellent herd leader. At the Sanctuary, Rocky helps the newer horses settle into the routines of the rescue.

Ethyl and Lucy

Retired mules 

We would like to welcome Bud and Annie to the rescue. Their owner passed away January 1st of this year. We use to buy hay from him and while they would be loading hay, I was off playing with the donkeys.
I told Dick if something ever happened to him that our rescue would take the donkeys in and keep them at the rescue for the rest of their lives. So here they are and right now they are on diets. Lol.

George is an 8 year old Belgian standing at 19 hands weighing in at 2200 pounds.  Yes we weighed him.   George came to us in grave condition.  Starved seriously neglected and had burns up across his back from a harness being left on way too long.  George still carries those scars today.  George has stringhalt which causes him to walk with a gimp. 


 Indy                                                                     She has come so far since July of last year. Indy is a severe cribber and has a mild case of stringhalt so she will be living her life with us.
For the spring, summer and early fall months, she will be staying in the donkey field. During the cooler months and winter she will come back home to our house to be cared for. She is one of the kindest loving mares I have ever had the privilege of knowing.

Bob (previously Indy)
9 year old paint gelding. We were able to find out a little background. He was sold at the same auction during their New Year’s Day auction only to be returned to yesterday’s auction, with a lot less weight on him. He is going to be costly to get to the bottom of the lumps and his weight issues. He cost us $500 in total last night. 
We will update regularly on his condition and or progress.

Long and short awaited story on what’s wrong with Bob’s sides.
Just leaving Marion duPont Scott Equine Medical Center with Bob and Indy on the trailer. Sometimes it takes a while to piece their story together. So here we go….
Bob had 5 broken ribs on his left side and 3 on his right. He also has scarring on the left lung due to the impact of whatever accident he was in. At this time after loading Bob twice now, we are assuming it was a bad trailer accident. Bob could be ridden with a bareback pad or bareback per the vets today, but we don’t think it would be wise knowing there is scarring on his lung also. The vets and technicians agree with us on that as well.
Bob will be a companion only and will be allowed to live his happy life with his best friend Indy at the rescue unless we can find them a companion only home together. If you would like to sponsor their Care͎ please message the page.
We will not dump Bob back at auction because he has a broken old body. Hence the name Bob. Reminder Bob was dumped at auction twice within 8 months at the same auction by his owners. We will not fail him or any of the others in our care. Once they are rescued there is no going back.


Clint aged at 25 will be living the rest of his life at the sanctuary. He has cellulitis in his right hind.

Update: Clint has been transferred to Gentle Giants Rescue who has the larger volunteer base to keep his cellulitis treatment controlled, We thank them and wish him happy trails.

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