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 New Arrivals


49 Horses rescued in a surrender and seizure situation.

A large seizure/surrender took place yesterday in Western PA. It began early in the morning and went well into the next day, to be sure no animal was left behind, and all were safely in rescuers hands. 47 total, horses, donkeys, a pig and alpacas were taken in by 19 PA and out of state 501c3 rescues. All were evaluated by a veterinarian and documented by Police and Humane Police Officers. This is an open, on going investigation.
The rescues have all gotten their horses/animals safely to their barns, and others are under a vets care at their facility. This major rescue effort was organized by Tracy Anderson, of Rory Ridge Rescue. The rescues involved are as follows:
Impact Equine, MI
One Life At A Time, PA
Long Meadow Equine Rescue, VA
Pennsylvania Equine Rescue and Retirement Foundation, PA
Izzy's Love Equine Rescue, MD
Beyond the Roses Equine Rescue, MI
Omega Horse Rescue, PA
Nalani Horse Rescue, VA
Long Ear Rescue, SC
MidAtlantic Horse Rescue, MD
Rory Ridge Rescue, PA
Dorset Equine Rescue, VT
The Foxy G Foundation, MD
Bella Run Equine, OH
Focus Rescue and Rehabilitation, OH
Rocky's Horse Rescue and Rehabilitation, MD
Life Horse, Inc. PA
Gerda's Equine Rescue, VT
Equine Rescue Network, MA
Transportation and quarantine were provided by:
Nancy Diaz, PA
Kelly Black, Black Mountain View Farm Draft Rescue, MD
Eric Troxell
Life Horse Inc. Joe Topper and Beth Walker
All rescues are now accepting donated funds for the care and needs of these animals. Any support is appreciated, I'm sure!
Kudos to everyone involved for working together to get these animals out of a bad situation and on the road to recovery, and for some, adopted into approved homes.
Rocky’s brought home a mare and a 2 week old filly that was born in manure and another mare that is possibly pregnant. They are in need of many things farrier, dental work and vetting. They are in fair condition but should be in much better condition. The pictures do not show how thin these mares actually are.
If you would like to donate to the care of these mares, filly and possibly one stowaway in mares belly, please see below for our PayPal link. They look better in the pictures then in real life.

The filly has been named Josie. Her dam is Ava. Ava is about 10 yrs old. The medicine hat mare has been named Nita and she is about 13 yrs. old. All three are doing very well now that their care is being properly addressed. We look forward to posting updates.

Update 4/27/21:  Ava and Josie have been turned out after quarantine.



Cute pony saved when the 6 broncos were pulled from kill pen. She and Grandpa are buds. Buttercup is around 8 yrs. old and about 10 hands tall.

Jan 2021


A warm blood cross ????. 16.2 hds. Around 9 years old.

Update April 2021:  She will begin her rehabilitation with ACE Horsemanship. She needs a lot of groundwork.

Another emergency rescue Sunday July 26th 21. We received a call about 2 mares with colts at their sides at the kill pen. Both mares are 8 years old. They were hauled up from Tennessee last night and are exhausted. The larger black mare is a Tennessee Walker and the other is a Quarter horse. The quarter horse mare appears ridden and trained. She knew stopping and spinning maneuvers. The TWH mare was ridden at the auction in Tennessee. Neither colt appears to have been handled. The colt by the Quarter horse has a hernia which most likely will require surgery soon. Stacey Cain and family prepped the stalls while Sharon and Danny went to get the foursome. Thank you so much for your help. All donations of any amount  are graciously accepted. Donation link is below.

Names: The quarter horse mare is River and her colt is Burt.   The TWH mare is Whisper and her colt is Bandit.

Update : Shipping fever presented in River and Burt. First type of meds did not take care of it so on to second antibiotic. Quarantine being strictly enforced for all 4. 

Update 8/19/20:  River and Burt were swabbed and diagnosed with Equine Influenza. Both are now doing well. Dentals done on the mares. River had a wolf tooth removed. 

Update: 9/5/20: Burt and Bandit have been weaned and are in foster care with the Baker family where they will receive a lot of handling and attention !

Updates 3/2021: Both colts were adopted to loving homes. Both mares were in foal again. Unfortunately River had a stillborn in March. We believe her very bad medical incoming  condition was the reason. Whisper is due soon and we are hoping for a better outcome with her.

Rescued 7/1/2020

This is a Rocky Mountain gaited horse. Aged around 18. He gaits decently but his feet are angled straight up in his heals. He tries so hard and loves to play in water. He rode with no issues in the pen with other horses. Rider also laid all over this guy we have named Deano.

Rescued July 25th 2020

Welcome Indy. From a kill pen in Ohio. She is 11 to 12 years old. Sweet as can be. Indy is in pretty bad shape as you can see. Stacy Cain and family brought her to Rockys since Sharon and Danny were indisposed. Thank you for dropping everything so late in the evening to bring her home.

Update 9/5/2020: 

Doc was out to check on Indys progress. We were very concerned that her outcome looked bleak until Sharon did the pictures of her spine. Didn’t realize how much weight this mare has actually put on in 45 days.
At this time her knee is still swollen. So a long time for healing there. X-rays were done and her knee is clean. So a tendon issue probably from a kick when she was out with some of the others. On top of that she does have minor stringhalt and appears to be abscessing on her left front.

Update 9/15/2020: Indy has been fitted with boots while her hooves grow. She just showed us a little bit of trot which is a huge improvement ! She is still on a weight gain program but feeling so much b

Indy is now a sanctuary horse

Just rescued. 3 PMU horses. Owner could not take care off them .  Low body scores. In need of weight and basic health care. 2 stallions and a mare (sorrel). The stallions will be gelded very soon.  All 5 years old and tightly bonded. In your hand friendly. Currently on a strict weight gain plan. Transported like old pros. Being segregated in an area away from other horses. This was an emergency rescue so we were not  fully prepared. Their pen needs new millings desperately. Please consider any donation towards their care. 

Bucksin is named Traveler.  Mare is Annie. Paint is Beau.

Update 4/13/2020:  Traveler and Beau were gelded . Next comes farrier and dentist.

Update 5/6/2020: Annie and Traveler have gone to their foster homes to enjoy some time gaining weight and healing. Beau is still looking for a foster home.

Update 5/10/2020: Beau has now gone to a foster home as well.

Update  5/30/2020   Traveler has been transferred to GAIT rescue. A rescue to rescue transfer.

Update 11/8/20  Beau adopted


Beau update  5/2020

Annie update 5/2020

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