Rocky's Horse Rescue and Rehabilitation Inc.
Thurmont Md.

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Our Mission

The rescue's 1st abused and neglected horse, Chance, was rescued back in 2013.  Chance was badly abused and heading for slaughter. The kill-buyer was selling him,  afraid that Chance would harm anyone who tried to handle him.  We were contacted via a new friend t o see if we would be interested in taking him.  We stepped up to the challenge and brought him home.  So the rescue begins. 

Chance was terrified of people to the point where he would literally shake in fear. Sharon would sit in his stall for hours daily, reading a book, allowing him  to start rebuilding trust. Once Chance began trusting  he was  timid and cautious around new people, but he no longer shook in fear.  Chance was a permanent resident at the rescue due to his emotional scars. In April 2018, major arthritic and navicular changes were present., Our veterinarian determined that it was best  hance's to cross the Rainbow Bridge after 26 years on this Earth. 

Our mission/purpose is to see the rescued equines heal physically, emotionally, and spiritually with placement into responsible, forever, loving homes or sanctuary status. 

Sharon Burrier

Founder/President/Adoption Coordinator

Sharon has loved horses as long as she can remember.  In 2012, she rescued her first horse from Auction in Thurmont, MD named none other than "Rocky".  By 2013 she decided to officially start a horse rescue and committed to restoring "Chance". (You can read Chance's story just above).    She works to exhaustion to give our equine friends a chance to find a forever home.  

Danny Burrier

Vice President/Treasurer

Danny was born and raised on a dairy farm and was no stranger to the commitment of taking care of animals.  Since meeting Sharon and being introduced to the world of horse rescue, Danny has developed a love for horses and has adopted one of his own...He and Sharon continue to work 365 days a year to care for and rehabilitate these majestic creatures...